Laura Kroetsch’s top tips for JLF in Adelaide 2018

Jaipur Literature Festival is an absolutely original event, one that blends together the best of what one wants for in a literary festival with the unexpected. Here are some of my suggestions for the Adelaide audience.

Dive right in on Friday evening 9 November with the opening session, Imagining Other Worlds, this session features William Dalrymple, his co-curator Namita Gokhale and the event’s Managing Director Sanjoy K Roy. All are terrific speakers. 

Start your Saturday morning with classically trained musician Vidya Shah and singer and poet Galina Lazareva as they explore the bygone world of the gramophone women of India, in On Song: Word and Voice.

For those who are curious about evolutionary biology and enjoy great storytelling, don’t miss The Genetics of Skin, which features charismatic physician Sharad P Paul as he explores the history of human skin.

On Sunday morning start your day with a look at the deeply unsettling world of traditional ‘kabaadiwalas’ (recyclers) and ragpickers. In Waste of a Nation, Assa Doron and Robin Jeffrey consider solutions to one of the more unpleasant realities of growth.

Two of the many stars of the Festival come together in what promises to be the very funny, Erotic Stories of Punjabi Widows. This session brings together celebrated novelist Balli Kaur Jaiswal with political commentator Shobbaa De for a likely wicked conversation about love, marriage, immigration, and hypocrisy.