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21 – 24 Oct 2021


Nexus Arts


Tickets Free

21 & 22 October 3pm - 7:30pm

23 October 10am - 6pm

24 October 10am - 5pm


Contains strobe lighting and haze effects

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: While the free AEON†: TITAN ARUM exhibition will still go ahead, due to the evolving COVID-19 situation interstate, ticketed performances by Justin Shoulder will no longer proceed.

Adelaide Premiere | Australia

“The improbable and the marvellous” Vogue Australia

Prolific creator and performance artist Justin Shoulder is a shapeshifter - building and inhabiting elaborate worlds both alien and familiar.

A carnivalesque biosphere of its own logic, AEON†: TITAN ARUM is a conservatory of imagined ‘exotic’, medicinal and dangerous species, questioning what it means to be in community with non-human kin. Inspired by the pageantry of nature, filipinx myth and continuing Justin’s interests in evolution and hybridity, AEON†: TITAN ARUM births beings of ambiguity to question are they pollinator, parasite or host?

With appearances throughout the installation and featuring a live score by Corin Ileto, witness elaborate craft meeting uncanny puppetry and the language of diasporic queer clubland as Justin inhabits these forms in a hyper-sensitive ceremony of dance, light and sound.

Creator & Performer: Justin Shoulder
Set & Costume Design: Matthew Stegh & Justin Shoulder
Set & Costume Design Assistant: Brenda Lam
Composer: Corin Ileto
Lighting Design: Fausto Brusamolino
Producers, Insite Arts: Jason Cross & Penelope Leishman

AEON†: TITAN ARUM belongs to Justin Shoulder’s body of work AEON† supported by Major Festivals Initiative through the Confederation of Australian International Arts Festivals, the Australia Council for the Arts, Australian Federal Government RISE Funding, The Liveworks Festival of Experimental Arts, Fusebox Festival and Insite Arts. AEON†: TITAN ARUM premiered as part of The National (2021) at the Art Gallery of NSW.

IMAGE | Mim Stirling

Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre's OzAsia Festival