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17 Oct – 29 Nov 2019


Nexus Arts


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TUE - FRI 9am - 5pm


Content may be offensive or disturbing to some audiences

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Winner of the Visual Arts Award at the 2019 Taishin Arts Awards


A moody slow-motion pan captures a wild, sadomasochistic bacchanal during the Tang dynasty. Presented without narrative context, the scene plays out like an unsettling fantasy.

This emotive video artwork from Taiwan’s Su Hui- Yu is influenced by the 1985 cult film Tang Chao Chi Li Nan, which translates to the same title as this artwork – The Glamorous Boys of Tang.

When Su Hui-Yu became interested in the original 1985 film, he located the original script and discovered several scenes had never been shot or were drastically changed when filmed. Therefore, the artist created this new four channel installation work as a response to the missing and altered scenes, and layered in contemporary reflections around gender, identity and subcultures relevant in Taiwan society today.

IMAGE | Su Hui-Yu, The Glamorous Boys of Tang (1985, Qiu Gang-Jian), four channel installation, 2018

The video production is sponsored by the “The Next Production Award” of Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development of the Ministry of Culture Taiwan


Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre