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21 Oct – 6 Nov 2021

Duration 45mins


Ian & Pamela Wall Gallery, Her Majesty's Theatre

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Wed – Sat (10am - 4pm) + preshow/intervals

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World Premiere | Australia

Celebrated Australian choreographer, filmmaker and installation artist Sue Healey premieres her latest series of cinematic portraits of contemporary dance artists from Hong Kong and Japan.

Filmed in locations significant to each dancer, On View: In Translation merges the spaces between the choreographic and the filmic in pursuit of the transcendent nature of performance presence. A cross cultural work displayed across an immersive 5-screen video system, this enchanting display casts an analytical eye over the body in motion and its ability to speak across borders of perception, culture and identity.

Dissecting the very nature of portraiture and the unspoken language of dance, On View: In Translation is a kinesthetic reflection on the transformative power of the dancer.

Japan: Naoko Shirakawa, Kenta Kojiri, Ema Yuasa, Nobuyoshi Asai, Saori Hala
Hong Kong: Abby Chan, Yuh Egami, Joseph Lee, Ivy Tsui, Qiao Yang

Director/Editor: Sue Healey
Director of Photography: Judd Overton
Cinematographers: Maurice Lai, Kei Fushiki
Composer: Darrin Verhagen
Dramaturg: Shona Erskine
Producers: Eri Karatsu, Karen Cheung and Anna Cheng

Choreographer/Filmmaker Sue Healey outlines the duet between the dancer and the camera – from visual awareness, the frame and movement within it.
MON 25 OCT 10am
DURATION 90 mins

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ON VIEW: HONG KONG was commissioned and produced by Freespace, West Kowloon Cultural District. Collaborator: School of Film & Television, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

ON VIEW: JAPAN was commissioned and produced by Aichi Prefectural Art Theatre, Japan. Collaborator: Department of Visual Media at Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences, Nagoya, Japan. Supported by: The Arts and Culture Initiative 2020

IMAGE |Saori Hala (Japan) and Abby Chan (HK), photo by Pippa Samaya

Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre's OzAsia Festival