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24 Oct – 30 Nov 2018


Gallery 2, Festival Theatre Foyer


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Australian Premiere

Anida Yoeu Ali is an artist whose works span performance, installation, new media, public encounters and political agitation. The Red Chador, Ali’s latest performance series, continues her thematic interest in using religious aesthetics to provoke ideas of otherness.

Unfortunately, on April 6, 2018 Ali publicly announced the death of The Red Chador following an incident in Palestine where the artist’s original trademark costume went missing under suspicious circumstances.

A special eulogy will be held by the artist for this powerful character here in Adelaide followed by an exhibition which pays tribute to the impact and reach of this incredible global performance art series. 

MON - SAT 9am - 6pm

Eulogy by the artist
WED 24 OCT 6.30 pm
DURATION 20 mins

In its best moments Red Chador also revealed a deep sense of humanity and solidarity. NBC News

IMAGE | Studio Revolt