Welcome to the 2019 edition of OzAsia Festival, Adelaide’s boundary-pushing contemporary international arts festival.

This year’s program celebrates two generations of artists who have shaped the identity of contemporary arts practice in the 21st century. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, a trailblazing group of artists explored blending styles and genres from their cultural backgrounds and contemporary surroundings. Several of these artists, including Akram Khan, Nitin Sawhney, Fiona Tan, Lee Mingwei and Stan Lai, not only continue to be pioneers in their fields, but also inspire a new cohort of artists like Kuro Tanino, Joyce Ho, Jaha Koo, Abhishek Thapar and Toco Nikaido.

So, it’s fitting that the 2019 program weaves in themes of generational exchange, like Stan Lai’s epic masterpiece The Village which follows three families across three generations in Taiwan. Light re-examines the founding stories of Penang and Adelaide by Francis Light and his son William Light. And vinyl cabaret Shik Shak Shok recalls the retro golden years of Lebanon while Beiruit Electro Parade ushers in a daring new electronic scene.

Some of the most loved artists from previous OzAsia Festivals return with new works – so if you missed out the first time, make sure to catch Outwitting the Devil by Akram Khan, The Dark Master by Kuro Tanino and the indescribable Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker.

For adventurous audiences, check out the immersive theatre event £¥€$ and put yourself in control of the world banking system. Spend time with three talkative rice cookers in the darkly humorous Cuckoo. Finally, don’t miss the world premiere of Stuck in the Narrowest Path by Japan’s highly acclaimed Contact Gonzo and Adelaide’s Zephyr Quartet – an experience that’s anything but conventional!

The producers of Jaipur Literature Festival return with JLF Adelaide, Lucky Dumpling Market is back with even more food stalls and free family activities, and the stunning Moon Lantern Parade will be a delight for all in Elder Park.

There is something for everyone this year, so come and enjoy the festivities and celebrate springtime in Adelaide with us, here at OzAsia Festival.

Joseph Mitchell
Artistic Director